Parya Vatankhah
visual artist


I used to stare out of my window at night, look at the other windows and think about people who were sleeping and theirs' happiness and sadness. I was fascinated with people's stories and mysteries they might have in their life hidden behind those windows. By finding out about their thoughts, fears and emotions, I was trying to seek an answer for the paradox's of mentality and metamorphose of personality of human spirit.

I am also interested in the social paradoxes have been present in the lives of women all around the world, throughout history. I look at the psychology and emotional behaviour of humans and I feel that women need to look within and connect with their inner selves.

The common themes in my work are a dichotomy between the light and darkness featured in the golden lines on black forms. I believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth; the truth is not to be found or observed. Under the smiling skin of anyone there may be a wondering and disturbed soul.